The 12th Medinfo Alumni Party was held on the 18th of February in the
Restaurant Bron Ronnery.

Program:17:30 Reception  18:30 Event start
-Opening address
-General meeting of the Alumni
Chair: Dr. Tomohiro Kuroda (Professor, Kyoto University Hospital)
President's speech: Dr. Takashi Takahashi (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto

-Toast: Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshihara (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University)

-Current staff introduction : Dr. Tomohiro Kuroda (Professor, Kyoto
University Hospital)
- Dr. Masayuki Nambu (Professor, 先制医療・生活習慣病研究センター)
- Dr. Osamu Sugiyama (Senior Lecturer, 先制医療・生活習慣病研究センター)
- Dr. Goshiro Yamamoto (Senior Lecturer, MEDINFO)
- Dr. Shusuke Hiragi (Assistant Professor, MEDINFO)

-Speech : Dr. Tadamasa Takemura (Professor, University of Hyogo)

-Closing address: Dr. Kotaro Minato (Professor Emeritus, Nara Institute of
Science and Technology)


20:15 Event finish
Pictures from the meeting can be found here.

lab activities

12 Jun 2019 Research Award at the 23rd Japan Association for Medical Informatics Spring Conference.


26 Mar 2019 Telecommunications Advancement Foundation Award


21 Mar 2019 JAMI Award for Academic Encouragement


01 Mar 2019 14th Medinfo Alumni Party